Roberto Muñoz

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This paper describes a new method based on a voltammetric electronic tongue (ET) for the recognition of distinctive features in coffee samples. An ET was directly applied to different samples from the main Mexican coffee regions without any pretreatment before the analysis. The resulting electrochemical information was modeled with two different(More)
An approach to an inhibition bioelectronic tongue is presented. The work is focused on development of an automated flow system to carry out experimental assays, a custom potentiostat to measure the response from an enzymatic biosensor, and an inhibition protocol which allows on-line detections. A Multi-commuted Flow Analysis system (MCFA) was selected and(More)
— In this paper, different classifiers were trained to identify myoelectric registers, in order to recognize nine different motions related to four degrees of freedom of the forearm. Three main methods were compared, namely Linear Discriminant Analysis, Artificial Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines. The behavior of pattern recognition schemes was(More)
This work reports on the ligand assisted stabilization of Fluospheres® carboxylate modified nanoparticles (FCMNPs), and subsequently investigation on the DNA loading capacity and fluorescence response of the modified particles. The designed fluorescence bioconjugate was characterized with enhanced fluorescence characteristics, good stability and large(More)
The motion of the current prostheses is sequential and does not allow natural movements. In this work, complex natural motion patterns from a healthy upper limb were characterized in order to be emulated for a trans-humeral prosthesis with three degrees of freedom at the elbow. Firstly, it was necessary to define the prosthesis workspace, which means to(More)
Network formation is frequently modeled using link-formation games under complete information presenting a multiplicity of Nash equilibria. Cooperative re…nements – such as strong, coalition proof or pairwise strong Nash equilibria-have been the standard tools used for equilibrium selection in these games. Alternatively, a non-cooperative re…nement derived(More)
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