Roberto Mosheim

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The U.S. hog industry has experienced dramatic structural changes and rapid increases in farm productivity. A stochastic frontier analysis is used to measure hog enterprise total factor productivity (TFP) growth between 1992 and 2004 and to decompose this growth into technical change and changes in technical efficiency, scale efficiency, and allocative(More)
We develop a nancial-contracting theory of the cooperative rm where production requires three generic tasks: working, managing, and monitoring. Workers provide an intermediate input (or labor directly); managers convert the workers' input into a nal output; and directors monitor managers. We model the cooperative rm by letting the workers act also as(More)
Widening the focus from survival time to the "quality of survival" this cross-sectional study was designed to find correlations between coping strategies, quality of life, sociodemographic and medical data. 61 patients (31 women, 30 men; mean age 41 [22-74] with Hodgkin's disease receiving no treatment since 1 month to 16 years (mean 5 years) were assessed(More)
The current study examines fathers in parental leave in Tirol. The authors have come to realise that systematic reflections concerning fathers on leave of their work are rare. The authors attempt to answer the following question: does parental leave have implications on child/father attachment? The pilot study examines a small sample of 15 father/child(More)
There have been dramatic structural changes in the U.S. hog industry in the last two decades that have coincided with substantial increases in farm productivity. This study used a stochastic frontier analysis to measure TFP growth between 1992 and 2004 and to decompose the TFP growth into four components: technical change and changes in technical(More)
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