Roberto Moreno-Díaz

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1 Objectives The general aim is to formalize known properties of real neurons, formulating them into appropriate mathematical models. These will converge into, hopefully, more powerful neurophysiological founded distributed computation units of artificial neural nets. Redundancy and distributed computation are key factors to be embodied in the corresponding(More)
We recover and develop some robotic systems concepts (on the light of present systems tools) that were originated for an intended Mars Rover in the sixties of the last century at the Instrumentation Laboratory of MIT, where one of the authors was involved. The basic concepts came from the specifications for a type of generalized robot inspired in the(More)
This paper explores the origins and content of neurocybernetics and its links to artificial intelligence, computer science and knowledge engineering. Starting with three remarkable pieces of work, we center attention on a number of events that initiated and developed basic topics that are still nowadays a matter of research and inquire, from goal directed(More)