Roberto Moran

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Atlantoaxial rotatory subluxation often presents in childhood as a stiff, painful neck with associated torticollis. It can occur spontaneously following minor trauma or an inflammatory process in the cervical tissues. Failure to recognise the condition may result in a fixed rotatory subluxation which can be difficult to treat. The authors report on two(More)
Two patients with Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome (RTS) were found to have congenital dislocation of the patella (CDP). The dislocation was bilateral in one patient. Both underwent surgical reduction and stabilisation. The dislocation recurred in one patient who had associated genu valgum and external tibial torsion at the time of stabilisation. We feel that(More)
Four cases of childhood Menetrier's disease are presented and their clinical and laboratory findings are compared with the other childhood cases reported in the literature. Children with Menetrier's disease usually present with abdominal pain or nausea and vomiting associated with peripheral edema, ascites, or pleural effusion; these symptoms are due to(More)
Four-hundred and forty patients who presented for Total Hip Replacement to the Orthopaedic Hospital, Cappagh were included in this study. Each case was classified into radiographic and aetiologic groups on the basis of the patients history, the results of special investigations, and the radiographic appearance of the hips. This classification allowed a(More)
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