Roberto Medina

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Obtaining virtual models from real buildings, terrains or building works is a matter of increased interest in construction. The application of such models ranges from technical use in architecture and civil engineering, to multimedia presentation or remote visits through the web. This is becoming possible thanks to recent advances in laser scanning(More)
It is known that small head movements accompany the movements of the jaw during mastication; however, it is unknown whether these movements occur rhythmically and synchronously. The objective of this study was to determine whether there exists a functional coupling between the head and mandibular movements. Four healthy male adults (mean age 25.5) with(More)
We have previously demonstrated the existence of a functional-rhythmical coupling between the head and the mandible using maxillary and mandibular incisal tracking points. However, that data did not provide information neither on the movement of the head as a whole nor on the location of its instantaneous centre of rotation. Thus, the objective of the(More)
BACKGROUND Posterior fossa arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are rare vascular lesions, representing 7-15% of all intracranial AVMs. Although less frequent than supratentorial AVMs, they present higher rupture, morbidity, and mortality rates. Microsurgery, radiosurgery, and endovascular neurosurgery are treatment options for obliteration of those lesions.(More)
INTRODUCTION Endoscopic skull base surgery is one of the most recent fields of neurosurgery. Successive innovations were developed throughout history so that the current concepts that rule this surgical field could be reached. The current paper presents the evolution of endoscopic surgery and its current results on the treatment of skull base tumor, based(More)
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