Roberto Mazzilli

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The 2010 WHO Laboratory Manual for the Examination and Processing of Human Semen has established a new classification of sperm motility, as follows: a) progressive motility, which includes both forward progression (rapid and slow) and sluggish motility; b) non progressive motility. Unfortunately, this new classification is insufficient to allow for detailed(More)
Due to cross-border crimes rise, the EU is working on the development of international judicial cooperation between Member States. Increase of illegal immigration, trafficking of drugs, weapons and human beings, and the advent of terrorism, made necessary a stronger judicial collaboration between States. Particular attention is paid on judicial(More)
This paper describes how " Computer supported cooperative work " , coped with security technologies and advanced knowledge management techniques, can support the penal judicial activities, in particular national and trans-national investigations phases when different judicial system have to cooperate together. Increase of illegal immigration, trafficking of(More)
INTRODUCTION A survey by sampling in a county of the State of S. Paulo in 1990 sought, by means of home interviews, to analyse the habitual diet and risk factors for cardiovascular disease of people over 20 years of age. METHODOLOGY Of the sub-specimen of a comprehensive study population, 557 individuals, aged between 20 and 88, were interviewed. The(More)
An epidemiological study was carried out into the risk factors for the following atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases: lipemic disorders, obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus as related to some factors which characterize life-style (sedentary, drinking, smoking and eating habits). The population studied belongs to the metropolitan area of S. Paulo.(More)
In this paper we present the main challenges and opportunities in exploiting the knowledge embedded into multimedia judicial folders in criminal trials and their influence on the courtroom infrastructure. The paper describes the results of a one year analysis conducted in the Italian and Polish Courtrooms and how to face them in order to make this knowledge(More)