Roberto Matteo Crisci

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AIM To report our experience with bronchial carcinoids. METHODS From January 1990 to March 2003 we treated 42 such patients, 30 females and 12 males. All patients underwent preoperative total body computed tomography (CT), total body In-111 octreotide scintigraphy, and SPECT of the thorax, with evaluation of serum levels of CEA, CgA, NSE, and urinary(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the diagnostic and therapeutic role of fiber-optic and rigid bronchoscopy in pediatric patients with foreign body inhalations. METHODS From January 1986 to December 2004, we observed 128 young patients with suspicion of foreign body aspiration. Patients were divided into 3 groups: group I, patients with negative chest X-ray; group II,(More)
To compare the operative technique and complications of the Fantoni tracheostomy (TLT) with those of the Ciaglia Blue Rhino tracheostomy (CBR). We also compared the costs of mini-invasive tracheostomy with those of surgical tracheostomy (ST). Between January 1998 and January 2006, 530 patients needed emergency intubation and protracted assisted ventilation(More)
Genetic causes can be directly responsible for various clinical conditions of male infertility and spermatogenic impairment. With the increased use of assisted reproduction technologies our understanding of genetic basis of male infertility has large implications not only for understanding the causes of infertility but also in determining the prognosis and(More)
OBJECTIVE The fundamental role of video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) in the treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax is generally acknowledged today. This study intends to evaluate whether VATS is justified at the onset of a first spontaneous pneumothorax through analysis of parameters tested on two group of patients treated respectively with pleural(More)
BACKGROUND Primary malignant tracheal tumors account for only 0.2 % of all malignancies of the respiratory tract. Tracheal chondrosarcoma is a rare condition and only 17 cases have been described in the literature from 1965 to date. Herein we report the very unusual case of a patient with a tracheal chondrosarcoma, electively treated by curative surgery(More)
OBJECTIVE Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) represents at present the most suitable treatment of recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax. After three years we consider this interesting to draw up a trial balance of our VATS experience in comparison with the cases treated before 1991 with the classic thoracotomic approach. METHODS We have considered(More)
OBJECTIVE Advances in video-assisted thoracic surgical (VATS) technique led the authors to reconsider the treatment and thoracoscopic management of patients with giant bullous emphysema (GBE). METHODS From January 1993 to December 2001 we treated 40 patients with unilateral GBE: 24 males and 16 females, mean age 51+/-1 years. Thirty patients presented(More)
OBJECTIVES Impaired cardiopulmonary reserve is the main cause of inoperability in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). This study aims to evaluate the role of a preoperative pulmonary rehabilitation (PPR) programme in the improvement of functional parameters, which can enable an increase in the number of patients eligible for surgery. METHODS From January(More)