Roberto Matorras

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OBJECTIVE To assess the epidemiological factors linked to endometriosis in infertile women. SETTING Academic tertiary hospital. DESIGN Case-control study. PATIENTS One hundred seventy-four infertile women with endometriosis and 174 infertile women without endometriosis, all of them studied by laparoscopy. RESULTS Women with endometriosis and(More)
BACKGROUND Recent reports have suggested that ultrasound (US) guidance during embryo transfer might improve pregnancy rates. METHODS A prospective randomized (computer-generated random table) trial was performed to compare embryo transfer under abdominal US guidance (n = 255 women) with clinical touch embryo transfer (n = 260). RESULTS The clinical(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to assess the physical signs and clinical symptoms associated with endometriosis in infertile women. STUDY DESIGN This case-control study was carried out in an academic tertiary hospital. There were 174 infertile women with endometriosis and 174 infertile women without endometriosis, all of them studied by laparoscopy. Before(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the efficacy of performing two inseminations per cycle in IUI with husband's sperm compared with one insemination per cycle. DESIGN Meta-analysis. SETTING Randomized and prospective trials comparing two inseminations vs. one insemination per cycle in IUI with husband's sperm, retrieved by MEDLINE and Cochrane Library searches(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the risk of recurrence after administration of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) among women who have had endometriosis and who underwent bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (BSO). DESIGN Prospective randomized trial (115 women receiving HRT and 57 not receiving HRT). SETTING; Public university hospital. PATIENT(S) Women with a(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the prognostic value of strict sperm morphology analysis in intrauterine insemination with husband's sperm (IUI) cycles performed because of male infertility. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Academic tertiary hospital. PATIENTS Seventy-four consecutive couples subjected to 271 IUI cycles because of male infertility. MAIN(More)
We have examined the potential of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) therapy for the male to improve pregnancy rates in intrauterine insemination (IUI) with husband's spermatozoa. A prospective randomized trial was performed in 148 couples undergoing IUI because of male subfertility. In the treatment group, 150 IU FSH were administered to the husbands,(More)
Objective : To compare the results of intrauterine insemination (IUI) when GnRH antagonist was added—to avoid IUI on weekend—with those obtained with the standard IUI protocol. Study design : In an IUI program under ovarian stimulation with gonadotropins when one or more follicles of 15–16 mm were seen, if it was not possible for logistic reasons (weekend)(More)
BACKGROUND The study was conducted to compare the results of intrauterine donor insemination (DI) under ovarian stimulation with either clomiphene citrate (CC), in a fixed protocol, or FSH, with ovarian monitoring. METHODS Forty-nine patients were randomized using a computer-generated list to receive highly purified urinary FSH (starting dose of 150 IU)(More)
Endocannabinoid anandamide and cannabinoid receptors have been described in some organs of the female reproductive system, but little is known about the expression of these receptors in human oocytes. The aim of the study was to describe the expression of cannabinoid receptors in human oocytes and to investigate their differential distribution at various(More)