Roberto Marchiori

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The adherence of Platinum thin film on Si/SiO2 wafer was studies using Chromium, Titanium or Alumina (Cr, Ti, Al2O3) as interlayer. The adhesion of Pt is a fundamental property in different areas, for example in MEMS devices, which operate at high temperature conditions, as well as in biomedical applications, where the problem of adhesion of a Pt film to(More)
Platinum thin film layers on Si/SiO 2 wafer are nowadays receiving considerable attention for many MEMS devices which operate at high temperature conditions, as for example micromachined chemoresistive sensors for gas detection. In application of MEMS devices as sensors for gas detection, for example, the high temperature working condition (from 400 °C to(More)
The morphology of thin films has been extensively studied in the last years. The properties of a thin film are closely related to its microstructure, especially to its morphology and surface roughness. Optical reflectivity, conductivity, and porosity are characteristics that depend on the film structure. The knowledge of atomistic details of the thin film(More)
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