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The molecular biology of the CCAAT-binding factor NF-Y.
Protein coding genes are transcribed by Polymerase II, under the control of short discrete DNA elements in promoters and enhancers, recognized with high efficiency and specificity by trans-actingExpand
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A survey of 178 NF-Y binding CCAAT boxes.
The CCAAT box is one of the most common elements in eukaryotic promoters, found in the forward or reverse orientation. Among the various DNA binding proteins that interact with this sequence, onlyExpand
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Sequence-Specific Transcription Factor NF-Y Displays Histone-like DNA Binding and H2B-like Ubiquitination
The sequence-specific transcription factor NF-Y binds the CCAAT box, one of the sequence elements most frequently found in eukaryotic promoters. NF-Y is composed of the NF-YA and NF-YB/NF-YCExpand
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The Promiscuous Life of Plant NUCLEAR FACTOR Y Transcription Factors[W]
The CCAAT box is one of the most common cis-elements present in eukaryotic promoters and is bound by the transcription factor NUCLEAR FACTOR Y (NF-Y). NF-Y is composed of three subunits, NF-YA,Expand
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Dominant negative analogs of NF-YA.
NF-Y is a highly conserved heteromeric CCAAT-binding transcription factor involved in the function of several promoters. The NF-YA subunit contains a domain of high homology to yeast HAP2, which weExpand
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Direct p53 Transcriptional Repression: In Vivo Analysis of CCAAT-Containing G2/M Promoters
ABSTRACT In response to DNA damage, p53 activates G1/S blocking and apoptotic genes through sequence-specific binding. p53 also represses genes with no target site, such as those for Cdc2 and cyclinExpand
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The NF-YB/NF-YC Structure Gives Insight into DNA Binding and Transcription Regulation by CCAAT Factor NF-Y*
The heterotrimeric transcription factor NF-Y recognizes with high specificity and affinity the CCAAT regulatory element that is widely represented in promoters and enhancer regions. The CCAAT boxExpand
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A Distal CCAAT/NUCLEAR FACTOR Y Complex Promotes Chromatin Looping at the FLOWERING LOCUS T Promoter and Regulates the Timing of Flowering in Arabidopsis[W][OPEN]
This work demonstrates that chromatin loops form in the promoter of the FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) gene, an essential integrator of multiple flowering time pathways. These loops bring NF-Y–bound distalExpand
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Regulation of the CCAAT-Binding NF-Y subunits in Arabidopsis thaliana.
NF-Y is a CCAAT-specific binding factor composed of three distinct subunits. In vertebrates and fungi all three subunits are encoded by evolutionary conserved single copy genes. In this report weExpand
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Complex Transcriptional Effects of p63 Isoforms: Identification of Novel Activation and Repression Domains†
ABSTRACT p63 is a transcription factor structurally related to the p53 tumor suppressor. The C-terminal region differs from p53's in that it contains a sterile alpha motif (SAM) domain and is subjectExpand
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