Roberto Manione

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Simulation is a powerful tool in the development cycle of distributed systems; it has long been studied and practiced. The present paper presents an approach to timed interactive simulation based on the execution of timed CSP-like models; the language presented is PROMELA+, derived from PROMELA with the extension to temporal quantification. The whole(More)
This document describes the achievements obtained during Year 1 in the DIRHA project towards the developments of components aimed to handle and fulfil user requests expressed through spoken utterances. The Dialog Manager, the Speech Understanding, the Prompt Producer, and the House State Keeper are devoted to figuring out users’ requests from their(More)
The Layout Automation of modern VLSI "cell-based" chips relies on the availability of a powerful set of algorithms able to generate the layout of whole ICs, maximally exploiting the cell library and taking advice from the designer through a user-friendly interaction.This paper deals with a new Floor Planner, ACCORDO<sup>1</sup>, that brings some innovative(More)