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—The broadband capacity of the twisted-pair lines strongly varies within the copper access network. It is therefore important to assess the ability of a digital subscriber line (DSL) to support the DSL services prior to deployment. This task is handled by the line qualification procedures, where the identification of the line topology is an important part.(More)
A method to identify some physical parameters of twisted-pair cables is presented in this paper. The parameters identification process is carried out from input impedance measurements, applying analytical approach and mean squared estimation. The obtained results indicate the accuracy and applicability of the proposed method.
—Dual-ended line testing (DELT) is a common capability in most current modems and can be used for digital subscriber line (DSL) qualification and monitoring purposes. In spite of that, this feature remains largely unexplored in the literature. This paper proposes a new method based on wavelets and DELT measurements for estimating the total length of the(More)
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