Roberto M. Rodríguez

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Binarization is often recognized to be one of the most important steps in most high-level image analysis systems, particularly for object recognition. Its precise functioning highly determines the performance of the entire system. According to many researchers, segmentation finishes when the observer's goal is satisfied. Experience has shown that the most(More)
The watersheds method is a powerful segmentation tool developed in mathematical morphology. In order to prevent its over-segmentation, in this paper, we present a new strategy to obtain robust markers for segmentation of blood vessels from malignant tumors. For this purpose, we introduced a new algorithm. We propose a two-stage segmentation strategy which(More)
Many segmentation techniques have been published, and some of them have been widely used in different application problems. Most of these segmentation techniques have been motivated by specific application purposes. Unsupervised methods, which do not assume any prior scene knowledge can be learned to help the segmentation process, and are obviously more(More)
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