Roberto Lopes Gervini

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BACKGROUND Sporotrichosis is an infection caused by Sporothrix schenckii . It primarily involves the skin and lymphatic channels, but dissemination may occur. OBJECTIVE We sought to describe clinical and epidemiologic features of cases of sporotrichosis observed in southern Brazil, and to review the literature. Methods We conducted a retrospective(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the use of dermoscopy in nonwhite-skinned populations and whether it can influence diagnostic performance. OBJECTIVES To evaluate for the first time the utility and efficacy of dermoscopy in a black population for the diagnosis of pigmented cutaneous lesions. METHODS In total, 100 consecutive clinically doubtful or(More)
Some classifications of Leprosy currently in use are reviewed and the difficulties of their application in field work are analysed. While it is recognized the scientific value of these classifications in order to identify precisely the clinical, bacteriological, histological and immunological aspects of the disease, an alternative simplified classification(More)
The authors proceeded to a skin examination of 1,194 consecutive workers in a cutlery industry with 3,692 employees, in order to detect any cutaneous alterations among them. Only 223 (18.7%) had no skin pathology. Most of them, 971 (81.3%) presented some cutaneous disorder, related or not with their work. Hyperkeratosis of the fingers and hands (262 cases)(More)
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