Roberto Linares

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The Radio Frequency Identification S ystem, a wireless communication system, recently is applied to vehicular identification; this motivates the analysis of the propagation environment for outdoor RFID systems. The RFID S ystem applied to the vehicular identification consists of the reader, the tag and the radio channel, which is made up by the ground(More)
Most terrestrial wireless communication systems operate in environments that present a multitude of RF propagation problems. The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System, a wireless communication system, applied to vehicular control, is a typical point to point communication system, which one, the radio link formed between the reader, working at the(More)
Recently Terrestrial Digital Television, TDT, has been implemented in Mexico, as a consequence, the 700 MHZ UHF Band has been opened to new telecommunications services, particularly wireless mobile communication. This technological advance means an antenna design challenge due to it is necessary to design a dual frequency antenna which dimensions must be(More)
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Workflow modeling is a research area that has been explored by more than one decade.
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