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Canine cutaneous mast cell tumours (MCTs) have a variable biologic behaviour, and accurate staging is necessary to dictate therapy and predict outcome. Regional lymph node (RLN) involvement is a relevant prognostic factor. While obvious lymph node (LN) metastases are relatively easy to be diagnosed, micrometastatic disease recognition is challenging. The(More)
The role of skin mast cells (MCs) in wound healing has been extensively investigated. The present study was designed to examine the effect of the aliamide adelmidrol on MCs during healing of experimental cutaneous wounds. Adelmidrol gel or the vehicle alone was applied 3 times daily on 5-mm punch biopsy wounds created on the thoracolumbar skin of 10(More)
Macrophage aggregates (MA) occur in various organs of fish as discrete aggregations of pigmented macrophages. The study presented herein investigates the quantitative modifications from normal anatomical condition, of interrenal gland (IG) and kidney MA in six treatment groups of adult rainbow trout submitted to either specific or aspecific immune(More)
Artificial breeding bypasses the effect of natural selection and, inevitably, subjects game birds to selection by breeding technology. For this reason, we evaluated whether different breeding technologies, carried out for six generations, were enough to differentiate two grey partridge lines. Two lines of grey partridges, obtained from the same population,(More)
The research has been conducted on behavioural test results obtained from 143 dogs of pedigreed stock reared in the National Guide Dog School (SNCG) of Scandicci (Firenze, Italy), consisting mostly of Labradors and Golden Retrievers, but also including German Shepherds. All dogs have been reared under quite uniform conditions and tested individually under(More)
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