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Training Mental Health Professionals in Child Sexual Abuse: Curricular Guidelines
The need for training in child sexual abuse training is examined, critical components of training are suggested, and various methods of training (e.g., in person, Web-based, and community resources) are described.
Health and Health Care of Rural Sexual and Gender Minorities: A Systematic Review
Evidence-based recommendations for systemic change and interventions to promote health among rural LGBT people are provided.
LGBTQ Youth Bullying Experiences in Schools: The Role of School Counselors Within a System of Oppression
ABSTRACT Sexual minority and gender expansive youth often experience bullying in schools. However, no study to date has provided school-wide LGBTQ-specific antibullying interventions grounded in
A Qualitative Study of Parenting and Religiosity/Spirituality in LBGTQ Families
Considerable research has examined reciprocal ties between religiosity/spirituality (R/S) and parenting within families headed by heterosexual married and single parents (Mahoney, 2010). Yet, no
Parental reactions to transgender and gender diverse children: A literature review
Abstract Transgender and gender diverse (TGD) individuals face stigmatization from family members and peers, placing this group at high risk of adverse outcomes including suicidality, substance
Cyberbullying and LGBTQ Youth: A Systematic Literature Review and Recommendations for Prevention and Intervention
Common negative effects of cyberbullying of LGBTQ youth include psychological and emotional (suicidal ideation and attempt, depression, lower self-esteem), behavioral (physical aggression, body image, isolation), and academic performance (lower GPAs).
Counselors’ Mandated Responsibility to Report Child Maltreatment: A Review of U.S. Laws
Although counselors in 44 states are mandatory reporters of child maltreatment, they may lack an understanding of their legally designated role. This article presents the results of a systematic
“Latinos Have a Stronger Attachment to the Family”: Latinx Fathers’ Acceptance of Their Sexual Minority Children
Abstract Parental acceptance is critical to the well-being of sexual minority youth, yet little research has been conducted with fathers, or with Latinx parents of sexual minorities. Understanding
Hashtags and hip-hop: exploring the online performances of hip-hop identified youth using Instagram
Abstract Despite hip-hop’s popularity, little attention has been paid to its effects on youth gender performances on social media. This study has analyzed how youth who identify with three popular