Roberto Grasso

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The typical presentation of semantic dementia is associated with marked, left predominant anterior temporal lobe atrophy and with changes in language. About 30% of individuals, however, present with predominant right anterior temporal lobe atrophy, usually accompanied by behavioural changes and prosopagnosia. Here, we aimed to establish whether these(More)
The CREATE-NET testbed is a long term project aiming at implementing a best state-of-the-art infrastructure able to link together research centers, both from academia and industrial bodies, in order to create a fruitful collaborative environment to help generating new ideas for advanced applications and services, developing new protocols, testing and(More)
The design of high-speed slotted networks requires the development of complex simulators for the evaluation of the system and protocol performance. The straightforward event-driven (asynchronous) approach for modeling a highspeed system becomes unfortunately more and more inefficient as the number of slots concurrently propagating in the network grows. This(More)
CREATE-NET's testbed is an open, service-oriented environment, implemented on a real-life city-wide communication infrastructure deployed in the city of Trento. Target user groups and users are integral part of the experimentation and take part in validation of the services implemented in the testbed. It spans the range of the most advanced communications(More)
ed items in one’s mind rather than the way in which the form are received. In opposition to forms-in-matter, such items are causally powerless and metaphysically sterile: an F-without-matter somewhat determines the subject it is in (one’s mind content F) without qualifying or identifying it as an F-subject. Thus, we have a second ‘mental’ description of(More)
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