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This paper describes possible advantages of adding an interactive tool with log capabilities, in an online learning environment. We describe the interactive, Java-based tool named JCachesim, which is used for experimenting cache behavior with simple assembly programs while varying cache features. The tool has embedded features that allow the teacher to(More)
We describe an environment to produce traces representing significant workloads for a shared-bus shared-memory multiprocessor used as a general-purpose multitasking machine , where each processor can include multithread facilities. By means of an exclusively software approach, the environment produces traces that include both user and kernel references,(More)
ÐIn this paper, the Scheduled Dataflow (SDF) architectureÐa decoupled memory/execution, multithreaded architecture using nonblocking threadsÐis presented in detail and evaluated against Superscalar architecture. Recent focus in the field of new processor architectures is mainly on VLIW (e.g., IA-64), superscalar, and superspeculative designs. This trend(More)
One way to exploit Thread Level Parallelism (TLP) is to use architectures that implement novel multithreaded execution models, like Scheduled Data-Flow (SDF). This latter model promises an elegant decoupled and non-blocking execution of threads. Here we extend that model in order to be used in future scalable CMP systems where wire delay imposes to(More)
A major concern with high-performance general-purpose workstations is to speed up the execution of commands, uniprocess applications, and multiprocess applications with coarse-to medium-grain parallelism. To that end, a simple extension of a uniprocessor machine such as a shared-bus, shared-memory architecture can be employed. 1 Both kinds of machines(More)
Future computing systems (Teradevices) probably contain more than 1000 cores on a single die. To exploit this par-allelism, threaded dataflow execution models are promising, since they provide side-effect free execution and reduced synchronization overhead. But the terascale transistor integration of such chips make them orders of magnitude more vulnerable(More)
Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is emerging as an attractive public-key system for constrained environments, because of the small key sizes and computational efficiency, while preserving the same security level as the standard methodsWe have developed a set of benchmarks to compare standard and corresponding elliptic curve public-key methods. An embedded(More)
In a multiprocessor system, process migration guarantees load balance between processors but causes passive sharing, since private data blocks of a process can become resident in multiple caches and generate useless coherence-related overhead. We propose a selective invalidation strategy to eliminate these passive shared copies. The results of trace-driven(More)
This paper describes a hybrid methodology (based on both actual and synthetic reference streams) to produce traces representing significant complete workloads. By means of a software approach, we generate traces that include both user and kernel references, starting from source traces containing only user references. We consider the aspects of kernel that(More)