Roberto Garcia

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Energy plays an important role in the world's present and future. The best way to absorb the huge increase in energy demands is through diversification. In this context biomass appears as an attractive source for a number of environmental, economical, political and social reasons. There are several techniques used to obtain energy from biomass. Among these(More)
The Semantic Web Research has resulted in the last years in significant outcomes. Various industries have adopted semantic web technologies, while the “deep web” is still pursuing the critical transformation point, in which the majority of data found on deep web will be exploited through semantic web value layers. In this article we analyze the Semantic Web(More)
In order to move Digital Rights Management to the Internet, a common rights expression language is needed. ODRL (Open Digital Rights Language) is one of the proposed solutions. It is based on a XML language and thus it just formalises the language syntax, while language semantics are specified informally. Actually, ODRL seems quite complete and generic(More)
Variations in the microbial biomass and the in situ metabolic quotient (qCO2) due to climatic conditions were determined in a typical soil from the Argentine Rolling Pampa. Microbial C was evaluated by fumigation-incubation and qCO2 was calculated using soil respiration in the field. An inverse relationship between microbial C and soil temperature was(More)
This work proposes a 25 min-last thermogravimetric method as a tool to determine biomass sample's proximate analysis data (moisture, ash, volatile matter and fixed carbon contents) just by direct measure of weight changes on each sample's TG chart. Compared with international standards commonly used to that aim, TG is a faster and easier to develop(More)
Biomass samples (pine, black poplar and chestnut woodchips) were torrefied to improve their grindability before being combusted in blends with coal. Torrefaction temperatures between 240 and 300 °C and residence times between 11 and 43 min were studied. The grindability of the torrefied biomass, evaluated from the particle size distribution of the ground(More)
This work demonstrates that regenerable sorbents containing nano-particles of gold dispersed on an activated carbon are efficient and long-life materials for capturing mercury species from coal combustion flue gases. These sorbents can be used in such a way that the high investment entailed in their preparation will be compensated for by the recovery of all(More)
We describe the design and implementation of solutions for localization problems in multi-modal wireless sensor networks. The problem of network self-localization, namely determining the positions of the nodes that comprise the network, is addressed optically using a set of pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras to search for a small light-source attached to each of(More)