Roberto Gallardo

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We develop a new enhanced ILP design model that optimally designs a node-encircling p-cycle network. The new model takes advantage of the observation that NEPCs assigned solely for node-failure protection will inherently protect all two-hop segments of every multi-hop working lightpath. As a result, only single-hop working lightpaths need explicit(More)
We have analyzed the dynamic phase transition of the kinetic Ising model in mean-field approximation by means of an analytical approach. Specifically, we study the evolution of the system under the simultaneous influence of time-dependent and time-independent magnetic fields. We demonstrate that within the approximate analytical treatment of our approach,(More)
The biological production of butanol has become an important research field and thanks to genome sequencing and annotation; genome-scale metabolic reconstructions have been developed for several Clostridium species. This work makes use of the iCAC490 model of Clostridium acetobutylicum ATCC 824 to analyze its metabolic capabilities and response to an(More)
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