Roberto Gaddi

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In this paper we present our efforts in characterizing and optimizing the influence of a Wafer-Level Packaging (WLP) solution on the electromagnetic behaviour of RF-MEMS devices. To this purpose, a fully parameterized FEM model of a packaged Coplanar Waveguide (CPW) is presented in order to optimize all the technology degrees of freedom (DoF’s) made(More)
In RF-MEMS packaging, next to the protection of movable structures, optimization of package electrical performance plays a very important role. In this work, a wafer-level packaging process has been investigated and optimized in order to minimize electrical parasitic effects. The package concept used is based on a wafer-level bonding of a capping silicon(More)
We propose the design of a reconfigurable impedance matching network for the lower RF frequency band, based on a developed RF-MEMS technology. The circuit is composed of RF-MEMS ohmic relays, metal-insulatormetal (MIM) capacitors and suspended spiral inductors, all integrated on a high resistivity Silicon substrate. The presented circuit is well-suited for(More)
We propose a nonlinear model of a resistive MEMS switch. We describe the nonlinear behaviour of the switch by exploiting an extended harmonic balance (HB) technique allowing the efficient calculation of distortion effects due to MEMS nonlinearities. A comparison with the corresponding capacitive model is also given. As an illustrative example, the results(More)
This paper deals with the design and experimental validation of a tunable matching network for discreteresizing CMOS power amplifiers operating at 2.45 GHz (i.e. in the WiFi frequency band). The network is based on a two stages ladder configuration and exploits high-Q MEMS capacitors to achieve the impedance tuning. Furthermore, since these capacitors can(More)
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