Roberto Enrico Bellomo

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Laparoscopic ventral rectopexy limits the risk of autonomic nerve damage, and the colpopexy allows correction of a concomitant prolapse of the middle compartment. The aim of this study is to describe a modified laparoscopic ventral rectocolpopexy procedure with a low approach to the sacral hollow (laparoscopic low ventral rectocolpopexy: LLVR). We propose(More)
We describe a clinical procedure for assessing knee pain: 10 standardised movements of the knee are made (r active and 6 passive), and the subject's behavioural response to each is scored by the assessor on a 0-3 scale. The total score is the Pain Index of the Knee (PIK). We report investigations of repeatability, inter-assessor agreement, and validity of(More)
The Authors present their personal experience in the surgical treatment, using the Shouldice modified method, of 85 cases of patients suffering from inguinal hernia. The rarity of general and local complications and the relatively low percentage of relapse, if compared with other surgical methods, testify to the validity of this technique.
Two cases of primitive retroperitoneal tumors of the pelvic excavation have been reported: a neurinosarcoma and a liposarcoma. Particular, this work emphasizes the rarity of the neurinosarcoma in that seat, the atypical clinical presentation, the complex diagnostic researches performed and the problems of the differential diagnosis. In the diagnosis of(More)
The authors present a case of extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma of the abdominal wall, an unusual localization and specific presentation. According to the literature, the clinical characters of this kind of tumor, the diagnostic iter and the therapeutic indications are being examined. The actual anatomopathological patterns used for the diagnosis of this(More)
Authors refer results obtained in 24 cases of primary NHL of gastrointestinal tract. These cases were observed in the period 1981-1990. All cases can be included as primary extranodal lymphomas satisfying criteria of the literature. Sixty-six per cent (16/24) had a gastric localization half cases were centrocytic-centroblastic lymphomas followed by(More)
The Authors report an unusual case of retroperitoneal leiomyosarcoma, multicystic, resembling an ovarian cystoma in a patient with simultaneous subclavian-axillary thrombosis. They analyze anatomo-pathological and clinical aspects of this kind of tumor and underline the possible errors they themselves faced. To they come to the conclusion that a careful(More)