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A data–intensive Web application is a Web-enabled software system for the publication and management of large data collections, typically stored in one or more database management systems. Data-intensive Web applications constitute the most diffused class of applications found on the Web today, and their industrial relevance is an established fact. As a(More)
Individuals affected by ataxia telangiectasia (AT) have a marked susceptibility to cancer. Ataxia telangiectasia cells, in addition to defects in cell cycle checkpoints, show dysfunction of apoptosis and of telomeres, which are both thought to have a role in the progression of malignancy. In 1-5% of patients with AT, clonal expansion of T lymphocytes(More)
The TP120 plasmid is known to determine enhanced UV survival in E. coli wild type an uvrB and PolA mutants but not in RecA mutant. In order to analyze the function involved in the SOS repair, we have constructed a new plasmid named pR derived by cleavage of TP120 with Hind III endonuclease. This new plasmid maintains the Ap and UV resistance. The insertion(More)
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