Roberto De Lorenzi

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This paper compares the effectiveness of Function Points and Web Object analysis to estimate the development effort of Web applications. The empirical study is performed on a set of industrial projects carried on in an Italian software company. Starting from original requirements and estimates, carried on using FP analysis, we compute the Web Objects(More)
The magnets actually under design for the Large Hadron Collider detectors at CERN, ATLAS and CMS, are based on Al stabilized conductors. The windings of these magnets are big structures epoxy impregnated and indirectly cooled by two-phase LHe. Energy releases due to epoxy cracking or to friction between cables could quench the whole magnet. In order to(More)
The frequency of adenomatous polyps and adenocarcinomas of the large bowel in 95 patients mastectomized for breast cancer, and the prevalence of breast cancer in 77 women previously operated on for colorectal cancer were evaluated by means of a case-control study. The mastectomized patients as well as the control group, underwent a left-sided colonoscopy.(More)
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