Roberto Cominetti

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In this paper we discuss second order optimality conditions in optimization problems subject to abstract constraints. Our analysis is based on various concepts of second order tangent sets and parametric duality. We introduce a condition, called second order regularity, under which there is no gap between the corresponding second order necessary and second(More)
We present a perturbation theory for nite dimensional optimization problems subject to abstract constraints satisfying a second order regularity condition. We derive Lipschitz and HH older expansions of approximate optimal solutions, under a directional constraint qualiication hypothesis and various second order suucient conditions that take into account(More)
Using a directional form of constraint qualification weaker than Robinson’s, we derive an implicit function theorem for inclusions and use it for firstand second-order sensitivity analyses of the value function in perturbed constrained optimization. We obtain H61der and Lipschitz properties and, under a no-gap condition, first-order expansions for exact and(More)