Roberto Colotti

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This paper introduces an associative information retrieval model based on the two-level architecture proposed in [Agosti et al, 1989a] and[Agostiet al, 1990], andan experimental prototype developed in order to validate the model in a personal computing environment. In the fiist part of the paper, related work and motivations are presented. In the second(More)
Previous studies identified the train compartment as the place where people can experience the highest exposure levels to electromagnetic fields in the radiofrequency range. Thus, in this study, a possible scenario of a train compartment has been reproduced and characterized, both numerically and experimentally, in order to assess the individual exposure. A(More)
This paper addresses the problem of data modelling in information retrieval. The study introduces various aspects and issues that are necessarily taken into account when designing and developing an information retrieval system. Particular attention is paid to the representation of the different types of data managed by an information retrieval application:(More)
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