Roberto Cassino

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OBJECTIVE to evaluate whether oral supplementation with zinc or zinc/arginine increases the antibody response to influenza vaccine or modulates the lymphocyte phenotype in elderly subjects. DESIGN a randomized controlled trial with two supplemented groups and one control group. SETTING a community nursing home. PARTICIPANTS 384 subjects aged 64-100(More)
AIM Aim of the study was to demonstrate the effectiveness, in the management of recalcitrant wounds, of a hyperoxidized oil-based gel with film-forming and protective functions. METHODS The study involved 50 patients with recalcitrant not infected and/or necrotic chronic ulcers. All patients had 0.7 minimum ABPI value; terminal and/or cancer and/or under(More)
Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the commonest cause of chronic obstruction lung disease within the first three decades of life. Because patients suffer from repeated pulmonary infections, we were interested in studying the nonspecific antibacterial mechanisms of the lungs of CF children. Fifteen CF children, 13 nontuberculous pulmonary-infected (I) children and 4(More)
Treatment of chronic leg ulcers remains a major health care issue. Although many reports have examined different topical dressings, none have specifically looked at microcrystalline cellulose (MCC). We aimed to evaluate in a prospective, open study the safety and performance of a MCC membrane (Veloderm) in a series of chronic leg wounds of different(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether the topical application of an amino acid dressing, Vulnamin, aids the management of chronic wounds. METHOD A total of 160 patients with non-infected cutaneous chronic wounds were recruited. Before treatment, wound size was assessed using digital planimetry. Treatment lasted for a maximum of six weeks. Wound area measurements(More)
AIM The aims of this study were to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of an antibedsore overlay in 3D structure of new conception towards an overlay of common use. Evaluation parameters: wound area reduction, healing, safety and comfort. METHODS Open randomized multicenter study comparing the two overlays for the treatment and prevention of(More)
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