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We demonstrate that the atomic alignment of the hyperfine-structure components of the ground level S 1/2 of Na I and of the upper level P 1/2 of the D 1 line are practically negligible for magnetic strengths B > 10 G, and virtually zero for B 100 G. This occurs independently of the magnetic-field inclination on the stellar surface (in particular, also for(More)
The purpose of this note is to determine the maximum level of polarimetric noise that can be tolerated when performing filter polarimetry of the He I lines at 5876Å and 10830Å. The objective is to ensure that their Stokes parameters still carry enough information for an acceptable magnetic inversion. The simulations reported in this Note cover the cases of(More)
Comprehensive measurements of magnetic fields in the solar corona have a long history as an important scientific goal. Besides being crucial to understanding coronal structures and the Sun's generation of space weather, direct measurements of their strength and direction are also crucial steps in understanding observed wave motions. In this regard, the(More)
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