Roberto Casañas

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Magnetic induction spectroscopy (MIS) aims at the contactless measurement of the passive electrical properties (PEP) sigma, epsilon, and mu of biological tissues via magnetic fields at multiple frequencies. Whereas previous publications focus on either the conductive or the magnetic aspect of inductive measurements, this article provides a synthesis of both(More)
We evaluated analytically and experimentally the performance of a planar gradiometer as a sensing element in a system for magnetic induction tomography. A system using an excitation coil and a planar gradiometer was compared against a system with two coils. We constructed one excitation coil, two different sensing elements and a high-resolution phase(More)
The measurement of hepatic iron overload is of particular interest in cases of hereditary hemochromatosis or in patients subject to periodic blood transfusion. The measurement of plasma ferritin provides an indirect estimate but the usefulness of this method is limited by many common clinical conditions (inflammation, infection, etc). Liver biopsy provides(More)
This article studies the feasibility of a magnetic induction (MI) based system to measure the concentration of paramagnetic material in biological tissues. Our final objective is the measurement of hepatic iron overload with a noninvasive method. We have used an analytical expression, for a disc of conducting paramagnetic or diamagnetic material, to(More)
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