Roberto Caimmi

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The fossil record of early hominids suggests that their Arm length, and presumably stature and weight, had a tendency to increase. Using the minimum jerk principle and a related formulation of averaged specific power, ASP, with regard to selected two-joint Arm movements, the current paper explores relationships between ASP, hand trajectory length (or Arm(More)
Population dynamics of tRNA-like macromolecules and viruses have been interpreted by Eigen (1971, Naturwissenschaften58, 465-526) on the basis of the "quasispecies" model. The present paper contains a qualitative analysis of the similarities between Eigen's quasispecies model and percolation models. In fact, different phenomena characterized by an analogous(More)
Two-component, ideal, self-gravitating fluids are conceived as macrogases, and the related equation of state is expressed using the virial theorem for subsystems, under the restriction of homeoidally striated density profiles. Explicit calculations are performed for a useful reference case and a few cases of astrophysical interest, both with and without(More)
This paper has two parts: one about observational constraints related to the empirical differential oxygen abundance distribution (EDOD), and the other about inhomogeneous models of chemical evolution, in particular the theoretical differential oxygen abundance distribution (TDOD). In the first part, the EDOD is deduced from subsamples related to two(More)
Analytical and geometrical properties of generalized power-law (GPL) density profiles are investigated in detail. In particular, a oneto-one correspondence is found between mathematical parameters (a scaling radius, r0, a scaling density, ρ0, and three exponents, α, β, γ), and geometrical parameters (the coordinates of the intersection of the asymptotes, xC(More)
The formulation of the tensor virial equations is generalized to unrelaxed configurations, where virial equilibrium does not coincide with dynamical (or hydrostatic) equilibrium. Special classes of homeoidally striated ellipsoids are shown to exhibit similar properties as Jacobi ellipsoids, and reduce to Jacobi ellipsoids in the limiting situation of(More)