Roberto Brega

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Starting from a user point of view the paper discusses the requirements of a development environment (operating system and programming language) for mechatronic systems, especially mobile robots. We argue that user requirements from research, education, ergonomics and applications impose a certain functionality on the embedded operating system and(More)
The control system of many complex mechatronic products requires for each task the Worst Case Execution Time (WCET), which is needed for the scheduler’s admission tests and subsequently limits a task’s execution time during operation. If a task exceeds the WCET, this situation is detected and either a handler is invoked or control is transferred to a human(More)
Programming efficient and reliable code can be considered a non-trivial task, as it requires deep understanding of the problem to be solved along with good programming skills. However, software frameworks and programming paradigms can provide a dependable infrastructure upon which better programs can be written and deployed. This allows engineers to focus(More)
A software system can be called a safe-system with respect to memory, when it supports only strong-typing and it does not allow for the manual disposal of dynamic memory [2]. The first aspect guarantees that untyped, potentially dangerous operations are caught by the compiler or by run-time checks. The second issue is solved by the utilisation of an(More)
Techniques for improving the imageability of an existing data visualisation are described. The aim is to make the visualisation more easily explored, navigated and remembered. Starting from a relatively sparse landscape– like representation of a set of objects, we selectively add to the visualisation static features such as clusters, and dynamic features(More)
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