Roberto Bonfigli

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This paper presents a Voice Activity Detector (VAD) for multi-room domestic scenarios. A multi-room VAD (mVAD) simultaneously detects the time boundaries of a speech segment and determines the room where it was generated. The proposed approach is fully data-driven and is based on a Deep Neural Network (DNN) pre-trained as a Deep Belief Network (DBN) and(More)
In the recent years several studies on population ageing in the most advanced countries argued that the share of people older than 65 years is steadily increasing. In order to tackle this phenomena, a significant effort has been devoted to the development of advanced technologies for supervising the domestic environments and their inhabitants to provide(More)
Novelty detection consists in recognising events that deviate from normality. This paper presents the implementation of a real-time statistical novelty detector on the BeagleBoard-xM. The application processes an incoming audio signal, extracts Power Normalized Cepstral Coefficients and determines whether a novelty sound is present or not based on a(More)
English. Several Voice or Speaker Activity Detection (VAD) systems exist in literature. They are indeed a fundamental part of complex systems that deals with speech processing. In this work the authors exploit neural network based VAD to address the speaker activity detection in a multi-room domestic scenario. The goal is to detect the voice activity in(More)
In the area of Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM), many approaches need a supervised procedure of appliance modelling, in order to provide the informations about the appliances to the disaggregation algorithm and to obtain the disaggregated consumptions related to each one of them. In many approaches, the appliance modelling relies on the consumption(More)
The IEEE 802.15.4 is one of the most used protocols for wireless sensor networks requiring long battery life and low data-rate, and it has been used for the most different applications. Nevertheless, few works address the audio transmission over 802.15.4. This paper focuses on the implementation of a vocal audio transmission over a 802.15.4 network. Due to(More)
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