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Obesity is a major public health problem, predisposing subjects to metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Specific prolyl 4-hydroxylases (P4Hs) regulate the stability of the hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF), a potent governor of metabolism, with isoenzyme 2 being the main regulator. We investigated whether HIF-P4H-2 inhibition could(More)
OBJECTIVE The clinical data considering the bone marrow mononuclear cell (BMMNC) therapy in treatment for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) are controversial and the mechanisms remain unknown. Our objective was to study the cardiac function and changes in cytokine levels after administration of BMMNC in experimental AMI model. DESIGN Unlabeled or(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the justification of CT examinations performed on young patients can be improved by various interventions and whether these have an effect on the total number of CTs performed. METHODS Specific interventions-education, guideline implementation and increased MRI capacity-were introduced at the Oulu University Hospital, Oulu,(More)
BACKGROUND The role of environmental factors in lumbar intervertebral disc degeneration (DD) in young adults is largely unknown. Therefore, we investigated whether body mass index (BMI), smoking, and physical activity are associated with lumbar DD among young adults. METHODS The Oulu Back Study (OBS) is a subpopulation of the 1986 Northern Finland Birth(More)
The interplay between tumor stroma and breast cancer cells (BCCs) is thought to play a significant role in breast cancer. The current knowledge of human mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC) and BCC interaction is contradictory, and the donor sex issue is not addressed at all. We hypothesized that donor sex could have an effect on proliferation of MSCs or BCCs in(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the usefulness of MRI-guidance for core decompression of avascular necrosis of the femoral head. Twelve MRI-guided core decompressions were performed on patients with different stages of avascular necrosis of the femoral head. The patients were asked to evaluate their pain and their ability to function before and(More)
PURPOSE To report the results of an animal trial exploring the feasibility of minimally invasive MR imaging-guided rabbit brain tumor cryoablation with an argon-based cryo-unit. MATERIALS AND METHODS VX2 tumor segments (0.96x0.96x50 mm) were implanted into parietal lobes of 26 New Zealand white rabbits. Seventeen rabbits were treated with cryoablation.(More)
The relationship between different sport activities and lumbar intervertebral disk degeneration (DD) is largely unknown. We evaluated whether adolescent participation in different sports is associated with lumbar DD in a population-based birth cohort of young adults. A total of 558 young adults (325 females and 233 males) underwent magnetic resonance(More)
BACKGROUND Growth plate or physeal cartilage trauma may result in delayed or immediate failure of growth due to bone bridge formation at the insult site. With computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the role of imaging has expanded from diagnosis to treatment planning and therapy guidance. PURPOSE To describe a technique for(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic performance of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guided musculoskeletal biopsy and the value of fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) when combined with histologic biopsy. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 172 biopsies were performed under MRI guidance, 170 were histologic biopsies. In 112(More)