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Defining and Communicating What “Intercultural” and “Intercultural Communication” Means to Us
In order to engage in our larger discussion, we needed to share our definitions, framings, and theorizings of what “intercultural” and “intercultural communication” mean to us and how we inflect
Caring for the underserved: using patient and physician focus groups to inform curriculum development.
Curricula to teach care of the underserved should include communication/respect, cultural issues, and frustration with systems, such as health insurance, transportation, and health delivery systems, as important factors in caring for theunderserved.
Latinos in the Garage: A Genealogical Examination of the Latino/a Presence and Influence in Garage Rock (and Rock and Pop Music)1
In this article the author explores some of the Latino/a cultural dimensions related to the emergence of garage rock in the mid‐1960s. Using a genealogical method, this research illuminates the
In search of the power of whiteness: A genealogical exploration of negotiated racial identities in America's ethnic past
In this essay, the authors explore some of the relational, intersectional, and contextual dimensions of negotiated racial identities. By employing a genealogical method of analysis that looks at
Analyzing the Discourse of Hip Hop Love Through Rap Balladry, 1987 and 2007
This research focuses on the significance of the rap ballad as a demonstration of discursive constructs related to love's meaning(s), hegemonic gender ideologies, and shifting perceptions of love in
Communicating “Truth”: Testimonio, Vernacular Voices, and The Rigoberta Menchú Controversy
In this essay, the authors explore some of the communicative dimensions of the Rigoberta Menchú controversy, engaging both the textual and contextual elements of this controversy. They first provide
Popular journalism and cultural change: The discourse of globalization in world music reviews
This study interrogates whether popular journalism – in this case music journalism – can contribute to a productive discourse on issues of public concern. We conducted a textual analysis of the
A song for Rob DeChaine: articulations of music and film in cinematic border representations
ABSTRACT This essay examines the groundbreaking film Amores Perros by the acclaimed director Alejandro González Iñárritu through the auteur's innovative deployment of popular music. By first