Roberto Attílio Lima Santin

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BACKGROUND Severe recurrent clubfoot deformities are challenging to treat. The Ilizarov method offers a safer alternative; however, the management of the device is complex. METHODS A simplified standard setting of the Ilizarov device was used to treat 29 patients (35 feet) with a mean age of 14 years with severely stiff recurrent clubfoot deformities and(More)
OBJECTIVES To outline the epidemiological profile of diabetic patients with Charcot arthropathy affecting the midfoot alone or extending from the midfoot to the hindfoot; To assess the results from the treatment that these patients undergo, according to a preestablished protocol, over the medium term. METHODS We retrospectively evaluated 88 patients (110(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the result of the treatment of moderate to severe hallux valgus with osteotomy of the first metatarsal base associated to distal release of soft parts and medial capsuloplasty. METHODS 13 patients were assessed (15 feet) submitted to surgical treatment of hallux valgus moderate to severe. The mean follow-up time was 102 months; there(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of our study was to analyze the long-term outcome of salvage surgery in severely injured feet. MATERIAL AND METHODS Clinical-functional scores and radiographic findings were used to assess the outcome of 18 patients (19 feet) with severe trauma to the foot treated at a tertiary teaching hospital from January, 1985 to October, 2005.(More)
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