Roberto Assis Ferreira

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Reading familiar words differs from reading unfamiliar non-words in two ways. First, word reading is faster and more accurate than reading of unfamiliar non-words. Second, effects of letter length are reduced for words, particularly when they are presented in the right visual field in familiar formats. Two experiments are reported in which right-handed(More)
We investigated the neural correlates of concrete nouns with either many or few semantic features. A group of 21 participants underwent two days of training and were then asked to categorize 40 newly learned words and a set of matched familiar words as living or nonliving in an MRI scanner. Our results showed that the most reliable effects of semantic(More)
This qualitative empirical study discusses the material and organizational conditions of work by pediatricians in a public emergency service, with the aim of identifying factors that affect care. The work was studied using group interviews and direct observation in the emergency unit. The results were compared with statistical and historical data from(More)
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