Roberto Artuso

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The Swiss Federal Office of Topography is leading a project for the determination of correct agricultural surfaces. As a part of this project, a Digital Terrain Model and a Digital Surface Model is being generated using airborne laser scanning methods. These two models must achieve a height accuracy of 50cm and a mean density of 1 point per m 2. One of the(More)
Cycle expansions are applied to a series of low dimensional dynamically generated strange sets: the skew Ulam map, the period-doubling repeller, the H enon-type strange sets and the irrational winding set for circle maps. These illustrate various aspects of the cycle expansion technique; convergence of the curvature expansions, approximations of generic(More)
We compute the decay of the autocorrelation function of the observable |v x | in the Sinai billiard and of the observable v x in the associated Lorentz gas with an approximation due to Baladi, Eckmann and Ruelle. We consider the standard configuration where the disks is centered inside a unit square. The asymptotic decay is found to be C(t) ∼ c(R)/t. An(More)
In this work we applied to bidimensional chaotic maps the numerical method proposed by Ginelli et al. [1] that allows to calculate in each point of an orbit the vectors tangent to the (stable/unstable) invariant manifolds of the system, i.e. the so called covariant Lyapunov vectors (CLV); through this knowledge it is possible to calculate the transversal(More)