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P2P applications are rapidly gaining acceptance among users of Internet-based services, especially because of their capability of exchanging resources while preserving the anonymity of both requestors and providers. However, concerns have been raised about the possibility that malicious users can exploit the network to spread tampered-with resources (e.g.,(More)
The Maximum Diversity Problem (MDP) consists in determining a subset M of given cardinality from a set of elements N , in such a way that the sum of the pairwise distances between the elements of M is maximum. This problem, introduced by Glover [6], has been deeply studied using GRASP methodologies [5, 1, 13, 2]. GRASP is often characterized by a strong(More)
We consider the Critical Node Problem: given an undirected graph and an integer number K, at most K nodes have to be deleted from the graph in order to minimize a connectivity measure in the residual graph. We combine the basic steps used in common greedy algorithms with some flavour of local search, in order to obtain simple " hybrid " heuristic algorithm.(More)
Given a surgery department comprising several specialties that share a fixed number of operating rooms and post-surgery beds, we study the joint operating room (OR) planning and advanced scheduling problem. More specifically, we consider the problem of determining, over a one week planning horizon, the allocation of OR time blocks to specialties together(More)