Roberto Adani

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Schwannomas are the most common benign tumors developing in peripheral nerves. They account for 5% of all tumors in upper extremity. They usually present as a slow-growing mass, sometimes associated to pain and paresthesia. Preoperative evaluation is based on US and MRI, but final diagnosis requires histopathology. The aim of this study is to define(More)
BACKGROUND Perforator flaps have been introduced for various kinds of reconstruction and resurfacing; in particular, the free thin anterolateral thigh flap is becoming one of the most preferred options for reconstruction of soft-tissue defects. METHODS Between 1999 and 2002, the authors used this flap as a free flap for nine cases for covering hand(More)
41 heterodigital neurovascular island flaps were used to cover defects of the tactile pad of the thumb in 17 years. With an average follow-up of 75.5 months, 30 patients were reviewed. 17 were treated by the original Littler technique and 13 were treated with the same flap reconstruction but with division of the digital nerve innervating the flap and(More)
Ring avulsion injuries have long presented complex management problems. Despite microsurgical advances, it is difficult to achieve good functional results in complete degloving injuries or amputations, and their management remains somewhat controversial. Ten patients with class IV injuries according to Kay's classification were treated from 1986 to 2000. In(More)
The purpose of this retrospective study is to compare the clinical, functional outcome and complications occurrence between tension band wiring (TBW) and plate fixation both for simple and comminuted displaced olecranon factures. Between January 2005 and June 2012 (minimum 1-year follow-up), 78 consecutive patients with Mayo type IIA and IIB fractures were(More)
Vasculopathy, immunological abnormalities, and excessive tissue fibrosis are key elements in the pathogenesis of progressive systemic sclerosis (SSc). Extracorporeal shock waves (ESW) have anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects on different tissues. We hypothesized that ESW can reduce endothelial cell damage and skin fibrosis in patients with SSc. We(More)
Humeral nonunions still present a challenge to the orthopedic surgeon. Many methods of treating recalcitrant, posttraumatic humeral shaft nonunions have been described, with varying degrees of success. The present report reviews our experience with the use of vascularized fibular grafting for the treatment of large humeral defects. We treated 13 patients,(More)
Treatment of complex hand trauma includes adequate debridement of nonviable tissue, early reconstruction, and careful selection of various available surgical procedures tailored to patients' needs and requests. Debridement of all necrotic tissue is crucial before any attempt at reconstruction. Surgeons should also consider cosmetic outcomes of the(More)
We describe a homodigital island flap with a reverse vascular pedicle based on the anastomoses between the radial and ulnar digital arteries. These anastomotic branches lie between the posterior wall of the tendon sheath and the periosteum to form the three digitopalmar arches. The vascularization of the reverse homodigital island flap is obtained using the(More)
BACKGROUND Dupuytren's disease (DD) is a fibroproliferative pathology that affects the palmar aponeurosis causing the development of nodules and collagen cords and the progressive flexion of the fingers. The standard procedure is surgical fasciectomy, followed by high recurrence rates. Collagenase Clostridium histolyticum (CCH) injection represents an(More)