Roberta de Fátima Rodrigues Coelho

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For over a hundred years shifting cultivation with slash-and-burn land preparation has been the predominant type of land use by smallholders in the Bragantina region of the Brazilian Eastern Amazon. This study contrasts the nutrient balance of slash-and-burn agriculture with a fire-free cultivation. Therefore, one half of a 3.5-year-old (28.7 t DM ha–1) and(More)
When the Amazonian rain forest is cut to create pasture, some of the original vegetal species survive clearing, even expressing their ability to invade agro-systems. It is true of the babassu palm, which can be considered, paradoxically, a natural resource by the "Interstate Movement of Babassu Fruit Breaker Women" or as native weed by land owners-farmers.(More)
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