Roberta Y. Schorr

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Beliefs influencing students’ mathematical learning and problem solving are structured and intertwined with larger affective and cognitive structures. This theoretical article explores a psychological concept we term an engagement structure, with which beliefs are intertwined. Engagement structures are idealized, hypothetical constructs, analogous in many(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate a model for considering general and specific elements of student experience in a gateway course in undergraduate Financial Accounting in a large university on the East Coast, USA. Specifically, the study evaluated a bifactor analytic strategy including a general factor of student classroom experience, conceptualized(More)
Many students do not apply their real world intuitions and sense-making abilities when solving mathematics problems in school. In an effort to better understand how to help students draw upon these valued resources, we investigate the manner in which the solution to a particular problem activity is repeatedly re-interpreted by a student. This is done within(More)
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