Roberta Williams

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PURPOSE A study was conducted that examined factors that lead children who stutter at around age 8 years to persist in the disorder when they reach age 12 years. METHOD Seventy-six children were verified to be stuttering at initial assessment. When they reached 12 years of age, they were classified as persistent or recovered. A range of measures was taken(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine stuttering by children speaking an alternative language exclusively (LE) or with English (BIL) and to study onset of stuttering, school performance and recovery rate relative to monolingual speakers who stutter (MONO). DESIGN Clinical referral sample with supplementary data obtained from speech recordings and interviews. SETTING(More)
This paper reports a further analysis of behaviors that might distinguish developmental apraxia of speech from "functional" defective articulation. Closely following a study of Yoss and Darley, 30 children with moderately-to-severely defective articulation but with normal hearing, intelligence, and language development and with no apparent organic etiology(More)
  • Edward V Bennett, Luther Clark, Chief, Alfred T Culliford, Michael H Gewitz, Jeffrey P Gold +37 others
  • 2003
8 The information contained in this booklet is intended for health care providers, patients and families of patients who are considering cardiac surgery. It provides data on risk factors associated with in-hospital deaths following coronary artery bypass and/or heart valve surgery and lists hospital and physician-specific mortality rates which have been(More)
Cantonese is a tone language with six lexical tones. Each word has a distinctive tone, signaled by fundamental frequency variations at the syllable level. We investigated the relative efficiency of alaryngeal Cantonese speakers in conveying tonal variations in words in citation form. Isolated tone tokens were produced by three esophageal speakers, two(More)
  • George Alfieris, Peter B Berger, Frederick Z Bierman, Alfred T Culliford, Professor, Jeptha Asst Curtis +37 others
  • 2012
I am pleased to provide the information contained in this booklet for use by health care providers, patients and families of patients who are considering treatment options for cardiovascular disease. The report provides data on risk factors associated with in-hospital/30-day mortality following percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI, also known as(More)
  • George Alfieris, Frederick Bierman, Russell E Carlson, Chairman, Luther Clark, Chief +38 others
  • 2007
1 We are very pleased to provide the information in this booklet for health care providers and for the families of children who need heart surgery. This report summarizes outcomes for pediatric patients undergoing surgery to correct congenital heart defects. Hospital-specific mortality rates that have been adjusted to account for differences in patient(More)
It has been reported previously that presentation of an altered form of the voice enhances the fluency of people who stutter. One of these forms of alteration is frequency shifted feedback. The effects of frequency shifted feedback was compared between two speaker groups that differed in age. The fluency enhancing effects of frequency shifted feedback was(More)