Roberta Vallone

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BACKGROUND Today's treatment of acute psychosis usually includes short-term hospitalization and anti-psychotic drug treatment. The Soteria project compared this form of treatment (control) with that of a small, home-like social environment, usually without neuroleptics (experimental). METHOD Newly diagnosed, young, unmarried persons with DSM-II(More)
OBJECTIVES Breast cancer is one of the most common malignancies in women. Hormonal treatment and chemotherapy induce a transient or permanent menopause status. Vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA) is a frequent debilitating symptom of menopause that is best treated with local or systemic estrogen formulations. Because estrogens drive the growth of the majority of(More)
Both oxidative stress and polycystic ovary syndrome have been involved in several aspects of female reproduction. In this retrospective observational study, the outcome of controlled ovarian stimulation and follicular microenvironment of twenty-five women affected by PCOS (Group A) have been explored, evaluating the effects of myo-inositol in association(More)
At present, syncope is still a matter of great concern and anxiety for both parents and children. Neurocardiogenic syncope is the most common type of syncope in children with an incidence of 70%. It usually has a benign etiology, with rapid loss of consciousness and spontaneous resolution. In case of neurocardiogenic syncope, it is important to assess the(More)
BACKGROUND Health-related quality of life, which can be investigated using self-reports or parental reports, could help healthcare providers understand the subjective perception of well-being of children suffering from recurrent syncopal episodes. Quality of life is not only a measure of health but is also a reflection of patients' and parents' perceptions(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the hormonal profile in three breast cancer patients who underwent controlled ovarian stimulation in the presence of the aromatase inhibitor letrozole. PATIENTS AND METHODS In IVF University referral center, a case series of three breast cancer patients who underwent controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) with recombinant FSH and(More)
Using an automated cytochemical analyzer used for routine differential counts, we have been able to demonstrate acquired myeloperoxidase deficiency in 102 patients at our institution. Clinical and laboratory data on these patients showed a high incidence of diabetes mellitus (25.5%) and thrombotic diseases (24.5%), as well as a strikingly constant(More)
INTRODUCTION Although insulin resistance plays an important pathogenetic role in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), no correlation between ultrasound PCOS pattern and insulin resistance has yet been reported. The aim of this retrospective observational study was to assess whether the ovarian ultrasonographic parameter differed between PCOS women with insulin(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies have shown that exposure to benzene is associated to menstrual disorders, miscarriages and other disorders of the reproductive system. We performed an observational prospective pilot study to evaluate if levels of benzene in follicular fluid were correlated with response to controlled ovarian stimulation. METHOD Thirty-four(More)