Roberta Terruggia

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The availability of power supply to power grid customers depends upon the availability of services of supervision, control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, which constitutes the nervous system of a power grid. In turn, SCADA services depend on the availability of the interconnected networks supporting such services. We propose a service oriented(More)
A network is a structure where any couple of nodes is normally connected by different independent paths, thus making the structure intrinsically reliable. For this reason, many natural, social and technological systems organize in the form of networks. A tool for network reliability analysis, where different approaches are tested and compared, is in(More)
We propose to exploit Decision Networks (DN) for the analysis of attack/defense scenarios. We show that DN extend both the modeling and the analysis capabilities of formalisms based on Attack Trees, which are the main reference model in such a context. Uncertainty can be addressed at every system level and a decision-theoretic analysis of the risk and of(More)