Roberta Saracco

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To provide high quality, shared, and distributed medical care, clinical and organizational issues need to be integrated. This work describes a methodology for developing a Patient Workflow Management System, based on a detailed model of both the medical work process and the organizational structure. We assume that the medical work process is represented(More)
The application of an object-oriented approach to modeling the application and presentation layer of the human-machine interfaces in a telecommunications management network architecture is described. It is argued that a significant simplification in information interchange between human and machine occurs when the machine has a model of the user to which it(More)
~ vices and communication management. Intranets are composed of networks of various devices, systems, and services supporting a wide variety of applications within an organization. Enterprise networks today are or soon will be based on Intranets. The real challenge in putting together an issue like this was deciding what enterprise networking really(More)
This paper describes a general framework for clinical practice guidelines development, dissemination and use. We propose an ontological description of the medical knowledge and of the organizational context, in order to produce clinical guidelines which, on one hand, can be widely shared between different institutions and, on the other, can be efficiently(More)
Within knowledge and data engineering a new research paradigm is emerging based on the Multi-Agent System (MAS) architectural framework, allowing human and software agents to interoperate and thus cooperate within common application areas. In such a framework, knowledgeable agents of heterogeneous nature, that possess diverse but at least partially(More)
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