Roberta Quartesan

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Benzodiazepines are known to affect pituitary hormone release, and it has recently been hypothesized that the adenohypophysial hormone response to stress may be modified by previous benzodiazepine treatment. We investigated, therefore, whether a single dose of triazolam, a short-acting benzodiazepine, and flurazepam, a long-acting one, could influence the(More)
Cannabinoids are the constituents of the marijuana plants. The central effects of exogenous cannabinoids are implicated in enhancing mood, altering emotional states, and interfering in the formation of short-term memory. Cannabinoid receptors are G protein-coupled receptors with seven transmembrane domains that are expressed on the cell surface with their(More)
Lymphocyte subpopulations producing cytokines and exerting regulatory functions represent key immune elements. Given their reciprocal interdependency lymphocyte subpopulations are usually assayed as diagnostic panels, rather than single biomarkers for specialist clinical use. This retrospective analysis on lymphocyte subpopulations, analyzed over the last(More)
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