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Meningiomas occur more commonly in females. The coincidence between meningioma and breast cancer and case reports of tumor growth during pregnancy support a hormonal hypothesis. A case control study was conducted to investigate this. Female subjects treated between 1987 and 1992 were identified from 3 hospitals in the Chicago area. Female spouses of male(More)
Between 1987 and 1988, we utilized magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the diagnosis of seven cases of "subacute" pituitary apoplexy, that is, intra-adenomatous pituitary hemorrhage associated with clinical symptoms atypical of acute pituitary apoplexy. These symptoms lasted longer than 24 hours and included visual changes in four patients, headache in(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine the optimal route of delivery of gene therapy for an intracerebral (IC) tumor. In previous studies, treatment of an IC tumor with the IC administration of a cellular vaccine consisting of allogeneic fibroblasts genetically engineered to secrete cytokines prolonged survival. Systemic delivery of gene(More)
OBJECTIVES Differences in the magnitude of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) volumetric flow through the cerebral aqueduct between healthy and hydrocephalic patients have been previously reported. However it is not clear whether this is directly related to the pathophysiology or secondary to altered ventricular morphology and hydrodynamics. This work aims to(More)
OBJECTIVE The surgical removal of a nonfunctioning pituitary macroadenoma (NFP-Mac) is often incomplete. The appropriate treatment of recurrent/residual NFP-Macs is not well established. Our objective was to detect and quantify receptors that may serve as potential targets for medical therapy for NFP-Macs with postsurgical residuals. METHODS Several(More)
Acute intracranial hypertension was induced in cats by progressive inflation of an epidural balloon. Changes in intracranial pressure (ICP), mean arterial pressure (MAP), cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP), heart rate (HR), electroencephalogram (EEG), and pupil size were studied in untreated animals and in animals that had received barbiturates at different(More)
Epidural lipomatosis usually occurs as a complication of steroid therapy. This report includes the first description of a case secondary to hypothyroidism. Adults in all age groups can be affected and present with progressive signs and symptoms of spinal cord or cauda equina compression. The dorsal aspect of the thoracic spine is most commonly involved,(More)
Discovering states of genetic expression that are true to a high degree of certainty is likely to predict gene function behind biological phenotypes. The states of expression (up- or down-regulated) of 19200 cDNAs in 10 meningiomas are compared with normal brain by an algorithm that detects only 1 false measurement per 192000; 364 genes are discovered. The(More)
The prognosis for patients with an intracerebral (i.c.) neoplasm is poor. Conventional treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy have done little to affect long-term survival, and new methods of treatment are urgently needed. In this report approaches involving cytokine gene therapy in treatment of malignant brain tumors are reviewed(More)
OBJECT The current prognosis for patients with malignant brain tumors remains poor, and new therapeutic options are urgently needed. We previously have shown that prolongation of survival can be achieved in C57BL/6 mice (H-2b) with a syngeneic intracerebral or subcutaneous glioma when treated with allogeneic mouse fibroblasts (H-2k) genetically engineered(More)