Roberta Ottonelli

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Carotenoids are important for various functions during chick development. Since these pigments cannot be synthesized, they can be considered limited resources that the mother optimally allocates between herself and her offspring (maternal effect). Some studies have examined the effects of carotenoids on growth and immune function but little is known about(More)
Early maternal effects in the form of substances accumulated in the egg, such as carotenoids and hormones, can be physiologically relevant for a good development of offspring. It has been found in different species that testosterone (T) can be beneficial to offspring by increasing growth rate, but detrimental by reducing immunocompetence and increasing(More)
Carotenoids are important dietary constituents in birds. Their functions are numerous and complex, and breeding females are potentially faced with an optimal allocation of these resources between themselves and offspring. We conducted a dietary experiment (low and high supply of beta-carotene) to examine the effect of beta-carotene on health and immune(More)
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