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OBJECTIVES Little information is available on the molecular events that occur during graft incorporation over time. The calvarial bone (Cb) grafts have been reported to produce greater responses(More)
AIM To describe the early healing within the void obtained after the elevation of the sinus mucosa and simultaneous implant installation without the use of any grafting material in monkeys. (More)
The purpose of this systematic review was to perform a comparative analysis of the use or not of graft material in maxillary sinus lift surgery. Relevant studies published in the last 10 years were(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the present systematic review and meta-analysis was to compare short implants (equal or less than 8mm) versus standard implants (larger than 8mm) placed in posterior regions(More)
Third molar extraction is one of the most frequently performed procedures in the dental clinic, and it is associated with innumerable trans- and postoperative complications, such as pain, trismus,(More)